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Amplify Business Consulting is the result of a decade spent working with start-up enterprises and businesses facing an uncertain future. I am passionate about ensuring a business's public profile is aligned with the quality of service provided. 


I'm Ashleigh and having spent most of my career in business development and operations management, I am only too familiar with the amount of hard work it takes to ensure a business can not only excel amongst it's competition, but survive in the midst of a difficult economy.

It's never been my intention to 'just' create great content (although I'm incredibly  witty and well versed in the power of the English language!), but I genuinely enjoy seeing the businesses I work with thriving; reaching their potential with a brand and promotional material that does them justice.

Beyond transforming the business image, both online and by way of physical representation, I can help you win more business.


I have worked with clients across a plethora of industries to create corporate marketing material including brochures, whitepapers and presentations to deliver a clear message to the audience. I am also experienced in tender writing for corporate contracts and successfully secured in excess of £6million worth of contracts for clients in 2020.  

Over the years, I've worked with some incredible agencies on various projects. When I became a business owner myself, I realised the importance of such services being accessible to smaller businesses.


In an age where we are lead by our online profiles, I am passionate about ensuring smaller brands are represented.

Please feel free to contact me with any queries, to discuss your budget or to provide a more detailed requirement.

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